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Composite waterproofing

Liquid foil, sealing tape and corners

Wet rooms must be protected against water penetration. The “liquid foil” is processed with special sealing tape and corners to form a barrier layer. This layer structure ensures a dry substrate and prevents resulting damage such as mould or water stains.

The dispersion-based sealant is applied with a smoothing trowel or a suitable roller. The sealant is applied over the entire surface, fleece-laminated sealing tape and special corner pieces are worked into the corners. These thus protect the problem areas against unwanted water ingress. After drying for approx. 4 hours, the sealing tape and the rest of the surface are filled with a second layer.

The adhesive primer with plant casein is brushed onto the dried surface, after drying it is reinforced with lime adhesive plaster and glass silk fabric and rubbed to a rough surface. This layer is mineral and can be finished with Tadelakt to create a beautiful shower cubicle or a seamless floor.

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