Adhesion primer with vegetable casein

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  • Adhesion primer with casein as binder
  • With vegetable casein, hydrated white lime, alumina, dolomite flour, dolomite sand. Grain size 0.5mm
  • For smooth, slightly absorbent surfaces, to apply mineral plasters
  • Useable on gypsum plasterboards, emulsion paints and synthetic plasters
  • Consumption: Approx. 100 g/m²

On which surfaces can I use the casein adhesion primer?

  • Gypsum plasterboards
  • Dispersion paints
  • Synthetic plasters
  • For smooth and weakly absorbent surfaces

Important: The surface must be dry, load-bearing, free of grease, dust and oil!

Stir the powder into clear water with a whisk (400 - 450 ml of water per 500 g powder). Stir again after 30 minutes resting time. Apply with a brush or alternatively with a roller. Important: The adhesion primer does not contain any preservative. Therefore, only mix as much as is used on the same day!

Spreading rate:

Ca. 100 g powder / m².

Drying time:

Ca. 8 hours at + 20 °C, if required, work can also be done wet in wet.


The adhesive primer with plant casein can be stored for 1 year in unopened packaging.

Safety advice:

This ecological plaster primer contains calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)²]. It must not get on the skin or in the eyes. Keep away from children!

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