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Tadelakt is a Moroccan way of plastering surfaces. The technique with saponified lime has a long tradition and is, also in our country, often used in jointless bathrooms. Here you can buy the Tadelakt powder.

  • Pure mineral glossy plaster
  • Diffusion open surfaces
  • Water repellent for wet rooms

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Buy bonding primer

The bonding primers ensure an optimal connection to the substrate. Likewise, our primers make the application much easier. Here you can buy the bonding primers.

  • Mineral pigmented for optimal adhesion
  • Adjusts the absorption behaviour of the substrate
  • Easy to process

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Buy colour pigments

Our colour pigments are particularly suitable for adapting the Tadelakt plaster to your wishes and requirements. Artists also like to use colour pigments for different binding agents. Here you can buy the colour pigments.

  • Lime-proof and UV-resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Indoor & outdoor use

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Buy tools for Tadelakt

With the right tool you can achieve a good result without any problems. Thanks to the high quality you can work with it like the professionals. Here you can buy the tool.

  • First class workmanship
  • Practical helpers
  • Tested special tools

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Buy accessories

Under accessories you will find Marseille soap, Punic wax and carnauba wax emulsion for the water-repellent coating of Tadelakt. Also available is the composite sealing for a safe sealing of walls and floors. Here you can buy the accessories.

  • Tested quality
  • Caring and protecting
  • For professional use

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Your advantages with the Tadelakt-Manufacture

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  • Purely inorganic composition: without organic components, mold spores have a very hard time settling down
  • Natural lime plaster: Our Tadelakt powder has only natural ingredients and ensures a pleasant living climate
  • Short waiting times, more fun: We ship your goods within 24 hours after your order. You can get started in the fastest way
  • Quality from Austria: Our Tadelakt powder is manufactured in Austria. ‘Made in Austria’ stands for top quality

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