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What exactly are colour pigments?

Colour pigments are colouring agents made from burnt earth, minerals and iron oxides. These dry colours can all be mixed with each other and therefore almost any colour shade can be achieved.

The dry colours are oxides of minerals, mostly iron and manganese. These are partly fired and ground to fine pigments. A distinction is made between inorganic and organic pigments. The pigments available in the shop are all of inorganic origin.

What are the most important properties of color pigments?

  • UV-resistant
  • Lime-proof and resistant to hydraulic lime
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For the colouring of plasters and paints, especially tadelakt and lime paint
  • Non-toxic

How do I mix a coloured dough?

For 1000 g of pigments use approx. 800 ml of liquid (160 ml wetting agent and 640 ml water). Pour the liquids into a container and pour the pigments into it, stir well with a spatula or a spoon and grind; crush lumps at the edge of the container. It is best to make a note of the mixing recipe in order to be able to produce the same colour again. Leave to soak for 3 hours and then mix this dough into the putty or lime paint. Pigments have the highest colour intensity and set no limits to your creativity. Only use pigments that are compatible with lime.

What else should be considered?

  • Filler: Max. up to 10 % colour pigments (of dry weight)
  • Lime glazes with lime sinter water: Max. up to 5 % colour pigments on fresh plaster (freskal) or on dry plaster up to 2 % colour pigments (Secco technique)
  • Colour intensity: Synthetic oxides colour more strongly than earth colours (max. % by weight is sufficient)

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