The Tadelakt plaster from our manufacture, is a hydraulic lime plaster with fine marble sand and quartz parts. The grading curve is always the same and therefore it is possible to deliver a constant high quality. The Tadelakt plaster is mostly used in bathrooms and wet rooms. Also very popular is the coating of wash basins and also bathtubs. There are several ideas here, for example, various shapes can be cut out of aerated concrete bricks and sanded down to size. The Tadelakt set offers a good opportunity to get to know the material and try out some things. Maybe for coating a self-formed figure or even polishing a sink with stone and soap.

Tadelakt for the oriental touch in the bathroom

There are many beautiful oases of well-being, which appear very attractive due to the use of different colour pigments. The surface is made water-repellent by soaping with olive oil soap and polishing with a suitable stone.

oriental bathroom

The starter pack contains a primer pigmented with marble powder for the creation of a mineral and evenly absorbent substrate. By choosing the colour from the wide range of dry colours, the plaster can be coloured with a mixed coloured dough. With the plastic spatulas and the Venetian trowel a smoothed surface is smoothed. Drying is crucial for the start of polishing with soap and stone. As the calcium ions saponify to calcium oleates, the surface becomes water-repellent. But do not forget, Tadelakt is a porous lime plaster and cannot be compared to enamel or ceramics. If the water stays on the surface too long, the plaster will absorb the water and darken. After the water has evaporated, the Tadelakt surface will be as before.

Would you like to try it yourself and have your own shower seamlessly coated?