Turquoise aquamarine

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Refreshing, cool turquoise aquamarine dry colour.

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Turquoise aquamarine

  • Refreshing, cool turquoise aquamarine dry colour
  • Half to good covering properties


Oil, acrylic, tempera, watercolours / gouache, lime / fresco, cement / tadelact, ceramics

Light fastness:

1 is bad, 8 is best

  • Full tone: 8
  • Medium: 8
  • Diluted: 8

Colour mixing:

The amount of pigments required can be quickly determined using the table provided in the instructions. It is best to mix a coloured dough with the wetting agent and water. To read the instructions for mixing the coloured dough and see the table click here.


1000gr., 500gr., 100gr.


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