Instructions for mixing the coloured dough with dry colours

Working with dry colours and coloured doughs

To avoid pigment spots and streaks, the colour pigments are soaked in water and a wetting agent. Up to 10 % (percent by weight) can be mixed into the plaster or lime paint. If more is used, the lime can no longer bind the pigments and discoloration occurs.


For 100 g of pigments use approx. 80 ml of liquid (16 ml wetting agent and 64 ml water). Place the liquids together with the pigments in a container and grind well with a spatula or a spoon; lumps are crushed at the edges. Note the mixing ratio so that the same shade can be produced again. Close the container to prevent it from drying out and let it rest for about 3 hours. Then stir well again and mix the coloured dough into the plaster or lime paint. Only use lime-proof pigments.