Processing instructions for lime adhesive plaster

Various uses of lime adhesive plaster

The processing of lime adhesive plaster as a plaster base for the subsequent coating with Tadelakt:

On the following substrates, the application of the lime adhesive plaster can be started immediately:

  • Mineral plasters
  • Plasterboard
  • Gypsum fibreboards
  • Concrete
  • Gas concrete/autoclaved aerated concrete

Otherwise, priming must be done with the adhesion primer with vegetable casein or the adhesion primer with marble powder. Adhesion primer with vegetable casein is used for:

The adhesion primer with marble powder is used for:

  • Tiles
  • Glass
  • Metal

The lime adhesive plaster is applied with a smoothing trowel and is not smoothed but roughly rubbed with the smoothing trowel so that a rough surface is obtained.

Lime bonding plaster as grated textured plaster:

Very popular are textured plasters with an even structure, where the grains do not stand outwards but are rubbed inwards. For this purpose, the lime adhesive plaster is applied with a smoothing trowel to grain thickness and rubbed in circular movements to create a beautiful, marble-white surface. If the grains are to face outwards, the lime adhesive plaster is also applied with the smoothing trowel and rubbed with a soft sponge board.

Smoothed lime adhesive plaster:

It is also possible to smoothen the lime bonding plaster to a stone-like surface. The coarse grain brings some nice scratch marks which bring a special attraction. In addition, beautiful effects can be achieved with mica admixtures, up to 5 weight-% are possible.