Deep primer with casein


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Deep primer

This primer is used as a consolidator for sanding and chalking plasters or coatings such as our lime paint. The absorbency of the substrate is adjusted and thus prevents staining due to varying degrees of drying. This base coat dries transparent and the surface remains smooth. The deep primer does not contain any preservatives or solvents.

Which substrates can be treated with the deep primer?

  • all mineral substrates
  • clay plaster
  • lime and lime-cement plaster
  • lime plaster and lime-cement plaster
  • cement plaster

Instructions for application:

The powder is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:50. For this purpose, 200 grams of primer are added to 4 litres of clean water and stirred thoroughly. A rest period of 30 minutes causes the plant proteins to be broken down and the desired adhesive properties to be achieved. After half an hour of waiting time, another 6 litres of water are added and stirred again thoroughly. For a good mixture, an electric stirrer works perfectly. The deep primer is now ready for application. If necessary, 10 % more water can be used. This primer does not contain any preservatives and therefore the mixed quantity must be used on the same day. Glue paint or wallpaper glue must first be removed thoroughly with water. Sanding and chalking surfaces are best swept off. The surface must be dry and free of grease. The deep primer is applied with a primer brush. On highly absorbent surfaces, the coat is applied twice. If you only want to consolidate the surfaces and no coating follows, work from bottom to top to avoid running and the resulting runners. The room and object temperature should not fall below 7°C.


One 200 gram bag is sufficient for approx. 75 m² (very highly absorbent surfaces increase the consumption)


The applied primer is basically dried quite quickly. For the subsequent coating, e.g. with our lime paint, a waiting time of at least 8 hours should be observed.


If the powder is stored tightly closed, it can be stored for up to one year.


Residues can be returned to household waste or even compost

Safety advice:

This product contains calcium hydroxide and must not be placed in the hands of children. Contact with eyes and skin must be avoided at all costs!

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