Here are instructions on how to clean and care for Tadelakt


To prevent damage to tadelakt surfaces, it is necessary to apply the correct care. It is not difficult to maintain tadelakt surfaces. To maintain the water-repellent property, tadelakt must be regularly re-soaped in splash water areas. Sharp, acidic cleaning agents should be avoided at all costs. Tadelakt may only be cleaned and maintained with Marseille soap. Likewise, it is taboo to handle abrasive cleaning agents or abrasive cleaning utensils.

  • Soap / Care:

After the new tadelakt surfaces are completely dry but after two days at the latest, dilute Marseille soap 1:10 with water and apply evenly with a soft brush. After a short tightening, polish with a plastic foil ball (HDPE). For maintenance, this treatment should be repeated approx. every 1-2 months, depending on the wear and tear.

Once a year, supplementary Carnauba wax emulsion is applied and the surface is polished back to its original shine. Simply massage in with a soft cloth and polish with a polishing machine (lambskin).

  • Cleaning:

Wash off dirt with lukewarm water and the addition of a little Marseille soap (approx. 1-2 tablespoons to 5 litres of water) and a soft cloth or sponge. To avoid limescale stains as much as possible, rinse with water after showering and wipe dry with a soft towel.

  • Notes:

Tadelakt must be completely dry once a day. If Tadelakt remains wet for too long, discolouration, water marks and dull patches may result. It is imperative to refrain from using commercial household cleaners, scouring agents and scouring pads. Acidic juices such as orange or lemon juice, wine and vinegar can also damage the surfaces. Tadelakt surfaces are not acid-resistant. Substances containing grease and dyes (food, personal care products, etc.) can cause irreversible stains.

  • Caution:

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